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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brain aerobics resources I recommend

As I have noted in Brain Aerobics Weekly, these resources can be enjoyable ways of stretching your brain, but I suggest two cautions:
1) When playing with older adults, and particularly those with memory loss, throw out the buzzers and timers and play for the simple enjoyment of challenging your mind. How quickly you react really doesn’t matter.
2) Remember that learning new information – that is, looking up the answers – is just as good for your brain as reinforcing existing pathways to what you already know.

Game - Finish Lines To order click here.
Finish the famous quotations from life, literature, TV, music and more

Game- Paired Up To order click here.
The Lone Ranger and.... Corned beef and.... Dungeons and.... Paired Up challenges your knowledge of pairs – words that just seem to go together – whether they're people, places, or just parts of an expression.

Game - Stare (2nd edition) To order click here.
Stare at the image on the card, then answer a series of questions about what you saw – or think you saw. (Wild guesses count). Hundreds of cards to keep your brain challenged.

Game - Visual Brainstorms To order click here.
100 visual puzzles that include logical and abstract thinking, deductive reasoning, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3D befuddlers, and word games

Game - Who Am I? To order click here.
Based on A&E's long-running Biography series, this trivia-style, card-and-board game challenges your knowledge of the famous and the infamous.

Game - Apples to Apples To order click here.
This is a card game of hilarious comparisons. Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win that round. And everyone gets a chance to be the judge.

Game - Imaginiff To order click here.
Pick on of hundreds of cards that poses a question with six possible answers. ("Imaginiff _____ were an entree. Which would he/she be?"). Fill in the blank with the name of one of the other players, a mutual friend or a famous person in history. In this case, the choices are Big Mac, Duck a l’orange, spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed turkey, canned ham or buffalo wings. Topics are highly imaginative and range from the ridiculous to the provocative.

Game - Judge for Yourself To order click here.
A game of 500 real world court cases for which you get to guess the verdict.

Game - Fact or Crap To order click here.
How much do you know about the world we live in? Using statements from the day to day, to the truly bizarre, what is and isn’t true?

Game - Quiddler To order click here.
118 cards with letters on them. Can you arrange your entire hand into words? Play as a group or as solitaire.

Game - UpWords To order click here.
Here’s an alternative to Scrabble where words can be created vertically and horizontally on the board, or upwards with letters stacked on top of one another.

Game - Batik To order click here.
The Batik board is a vertical, transparent picture frame-like slot, into which opponents take turns dropping either light or dark-colored wooden triangles, rectangles and other polygons. The object is to force your opponent to drop a piece that sticks out above the top of the board. Strategy counts.

Game - Mad Gab To order click here.
Teams or individuals work to decipher groups of unrelated words into real phrases. Example: “Dew Wino Hue?” is “Do I know you?” Includes 1200 phrases for hours of fun.

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